"Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples"(John 15:8)

The Bearing Fruit page is a collection of noteworthy accomplishments performed by folks who frequent or support the Rapture Ready website. The purpose of this page is not to pat members on the back. The goal is to remind believers that we still have plenty of opportunities to do things pleasing to God before time runs out.

Mankind is a creator that learns by example. Criminals rob banks because they've heard of other people do the same thing. Good Samaritans perform acts of charity from witnessing the generosity of other individuals. The Bible is full of positive examples for us to emulate in our lives. Hopefully, this page will also prove to be a model for people seeking inspiration on giving.

It should be noted that not all good deeds involve a monetary transaction. Many people have given of their time and love to help the needy. These types of works are hard to record, but I'm sure the heavenly Father will make sure they're not overlooked.

All money donated to this fund will go for the support of the site and for special projects. The growing number of expenditures listed below will give you the reader a good understand of what types of causes are being selected. If you’re interested in supporting the operations of the Bearing Fruit fund, make your payment out to Rapture Ready Min. and send it to the following address:

Rapture Ready
1011 W 31 Ave.
Bellevue, Ne 68005

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Mat 5:16).


Sept 2000 - A board member had become distressed to point of being suicidal over false predictions regarding key end time events. some Rapture Ready folks helped counsel him and his family.

Mar 2001 - Members of the Rapture Ready board gave assistance to a single parent mother who was going through a time of great difficulty.

June 2001 - A group effort was made to advertise the site in several newspapers at the same time. Classified ads where placed in local papers throughout the nation. Along side of this project a $700 pay-per-click ad campaign was conducted with the service Ah-Ha.com.

Aug 2001 - Financial aid was given to an individual that was suffering from severe medical problems that left the person unable to work.

April 2002 - Several folks contributed 10 different items to a table at a Tulsa prophecy conference. The effort raised around $800, and the money was donated to help pay for the cost of the prophecy meeting. The conference host, Dr. Charles Pack, said this was the first time he had seen a prophecy table donate all money it has raised to a conference.

April 2002 - Pastor Barney Mulenga is an evangelist from the nation of Zambia. After the RR group met up with him in Tulsa, several acts of generosity were preformed on his behalf. First Pastor Barney was giving a King James Study Bible, he was then sent a NEC Laptop computer to allow him to access the internet, and two RR members directly gave him separate offerings of support to his ministry. All totaled the equivalency of around $1,600 was given to Barney.

May 2002 - The amount of $208 was given to The Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund. This fund helps the victims and families of the suicide terrorist attacks and also the families of soldiers that have died in the ongoing fighting.

May 2002 - Because more money was raised than expected from an April donation drive, an additional $600 dollars was given to Pastor Barney Mulenga so he could purchase a used computer in his homeland. The PC will be used to train young students at a Bible class in Ndola, Zambia.

Future Plans:

  • Increase the bandwidth of the Rapture Ready web site by increasing the maximum capacity by several hundred gigabytes.

  • Improve the look of the main page with some improved graphics and web design.

  • Help support the Rapture Ready table at the 2003 Tulsa Prophecy Conference.

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