One of the most repeated arguments you'll hear against Bible prophecy is, "people have been saying we're living in the last days for years." How do we know we are living in the last days? One method I have found useful is to compare prophetic commentary made in the past with events occurring today.

Observations made in the past vs. ones made today

The moral problems of long ago seem comical when compared to the ones of today. One almost has to smile as you read them. They would be funny if they didn't point out how corrupt our society has become. It is unlikely 100 years from now, someone would be sitting down and making a comparison on how evil their generation has grown in comparison to ours. I am convinced that man has exhausted his imagination, when it comes to the invention of new evil deeds. Any comparisons made with us, future tense, would certainly show how values have improved or stayed the same.

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