How to become a Follower of Satan

Few people would actively seek to be on the devil's side. Especially since having Lucifer as your master means you'll be condemned with him to hell. So how is it that the majority of mankind ends up spending eternity with the Devil? They decide by one of three ways.

The first way of insuring you will spend eternity lost is by not making any decision. Being born with a sinful nature means we will live with a sinful nature. Unless we alter our status, God has no choice but to send us to a sinner's hell. There is a grace period from the time we are born until the age of accountability; after that we're without protection from the cancer of sin.
The second way people ally themselves with Satan is by rejecting Christ as their savior. This choice is one that most people choose to make. The rejection of Jesus can come in the form of atheism, the preference of another god, or idolatry -- not just the idols made of stone but idols like money, people, or a career.
The third way you follow Satan is the one he prefers the most. This method involves a person thinking Jesus is his master, but in reality Satan still holds ownership over his soul. This is made so when you do not fully give yourself to Jesus, when you trust in good deeds only to win his favor, or when you presume Christ will overlook your lack of commitment altogether.

Anyone who finds himself in one of the following above categories must realize what it means to suffer the same fate that Satan will face. When you die, you will be cast into a place called hell. The pain you will experience there can only be described as causing you to gnash your teeth. Now, I've stubbed my toe, touched something hot, and even been electrically shocked before, but none of these things caused me to gnash my teeth. The pain from these examples only lasted a few seconds or minutes. The suffering in hell will last forever. The fate of Satan is sealed, but as long as we are alive, we can choose otherwise. To see what the requirements are for following Jesus click here.

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